Married or not, all I want is to be happy..........Bukky Wright

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Married or not, all I want is to be happy..........Bukky Wright

Hers is a familiar face on TV soaps and home videos. One minute, she is the adorable mum and next she is the bitch.

Hers is a familiar face on TV soaps and home videos. One minute, she is the adorable mum and next she is the bitch.

Bukky Wright is no doubt a household name in the entertainment industry. From the Hollandia milk advert to the Harpic promo, sheís made her mark.

In this chat with, Bukky speaks about her career, new movie, and how she keeps fit. Excerpts;

How is life treating you?

We thank God, all is well.

I can see you are glowing, what is the secret of your great looks lately?

(Laughs) I thank God for his goodness.

Looks like you have lost weight?

(Laughs...) Yes, I need it or donít I?

Is this hairstyle your new signature?

Yes, this is my new look, and I have been wearing this for sometime now.

How is the acting career?

Oh, it has been very fantastic.

What should your fans expect from you this year?

They should expect Remilekun Oluwa which will be coming out this January. The movie is written and produced by me. The movie was premiered in Loxto pot hall. I told a lot of people when they were watching it that the movie is not one movie that you will see today and it will come out on home video tomorrow and I meant it.

So, itís strictly the cinema and its on 33mm I expect?

Yes, it is strictly on cinema, but not on 33mm, itís on HD.

Like you have Kunle Afolayanís Irapada?

Iím not copying anybody. Iím just doing my own thing the way it suits me. I am doing something fantastic that people will love and be proud of.

What is the movie about, can you give a synopsis?

Instead of me giving you a synopsis, why not come for the yearly thing we do which is a Premiere, and it is like a musical jamboree and we are going to have one very soon. I will communicate the address and time to you.

What is the message in the movie?

I just want people to see the power of love, to see what love can actually make you do.

Taking you down memory lane, which was your very first movie?

It was Visa to Hell by Fidelis Duker and that is why I can never leave Fidelis.
Reports have it that once you left the English for the Yoruba movies, it is always very difficult getting roles in

English movies, how true is that?

Unfortunately, I did not leave the Yoruba for English. I started with the English movies and I still do both.

But some says itís so bad that you may have to adopt an Igbo name for you to be able to get roles in Nollywood?

I donít know about that, but all I know is that anytime Iím needed, they call on me.

Donít you think you are lucky?

Well, I believe I have paid my dues. Gone are the days of auditions and sorts. I really thank God and I thank all the producers for what they have done for me. I also use this opportunity to thank all my fans and I really appreciate them because without them, there will not be Bukky Wright. I also thank people like you for standing by me and for believing in me.

How are your kids doing?

They are doing very great and I thank God for them.

They must be very big now?

Yes, they are big boys now, fifteen and thirteen.

But you donít look as old at all you know?

(Laughs), I thank God o.

What about remarrying, have you not given it a thought?

For me the most important thing right now is that I am happy. Whether I remarry or not, the most important thing is that I am happy right now.

So how have you been keeping fit?

Well I try as much as possible to avoid eating late. I donít eat heavy and I take a lot of vegetables. I also exercise. I am also very careful with my skin.

What is one good thing that acting has done to you?

It has been a wonderful experience for me being an actress. I am proud of being an actress and I am proud of my fans out there for their love.

Is any of your children indicating any interest in the arts?

Yes, my second son.

I hope you are giving him the support?

All the support is what I am giving to him.

For a million dollars or more, w

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