Pregnant actress Sandra Achums speaks!

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Pregnant actress Sandra Achums speaks!

This is an extract from the interview she had with marion amanambu-ukwu in germany on the latters stop over flight from nigeria in december 2008.

This is an extract from the interview she had with marion amanambu-ukwu in germany on the latters stop over flight from nigeria in december 2008.

enjoy the interview and sandras pics.

---where is Sandra Achums located now and why?

Sandra: Well right now am in Germany, Nunberg to be precise, you know motherhood calls and I have to answer so I just took some time off to make a family which I believe every woman would love to do, so am in Germany with my kids and husband at the moment.

----So do you love Germany?

Sandra: I wouldnít say love bcos home is always the best the language barrier does not make it easy for one in my profession and when I have productions I have to deal with the dilemma of who will baby sit my kids. If I was back home, Iíd still be active in the movie industry but everything is different in Germany, its just not the same and honestly I prefer it back home .

----Was it a good decision for you at the time to relocate to Germany or if you had the opportunity now would you change your mind?

Sandra: I would say it was a good choice because in our culture a woman has to move to stay with her husband and that was what happened in my case so I have no regrets at all Ďcos I believe that when duty calls you have to answer and be responsible besides, I can go home anytime I want to, but for now, am happy where I am.

----Any plans to go back home?
Sandra: Probably, am still considering it but am still thinking about it. Itís not easy relocating after staying abroad all these while, one would have to re-adjust all over again in Nigeria.

----- What would it take to get you back home

Sandra: Nothing really, It depends on my husband and the agreement we have together after talking about it.

-----What is happening to your career? Should we expect something new from you soon or is that it or are you planning to branch into another genre of entertainment?

Sandra: Probably when I go back home, I will have so many things to do Ďcos itís not easy for me here you know Germany is not an English speaking country so that will be the primary reason for my going back or relocating to an English speaking country ÖI might not be fully into acting, perhaps I go into movie production or Directing or other aspect of the movie industry, Iíll be very active in the industry for real.

-----You have two kids? What is the joy of motherhood like for you?

Sandra: Itís the best thing that can ever happen to any woman on earth because it is Godís desire for us as humans and I feel like I have done my path in keeping his mandate to ďGo forth forth and multiplyĒ? I feel totally fulfilled for Godís mercy in my life.
-----A lot of people are not clear about your marital status, can you clear that once and for all?

Sandra: Eeeemmm, for me I would not like to make my marital affairs public because I once had a problem with my first and that has taught me to be private with such matters but as far as am concerned I donít have a problem. itís all ok, am good. As far as I know, my relationship with my husband and kids is great. There is no problem at all.

------What is your relationship like with your husband or should we address him as the father of your kids?

Sandra: Heís my husband, heís the father of my kid, heís my friend and heís my everything all rolled up in one.

----- How do you deal with rumor mongers especially as it concerns your privacy?

Sandra: To be realistic, I donít listen to them anymore and thatís one thing I love about my husband, a lot has been said about me that are false and my husband has come to know me and realize that people are always making up stories to cause problems and confusion in peoplesí marriages with false rumors and gossips. His eyes are wide open now and he knows not to believe everything that he reads because of the trust that we have been able to build with each other. So am not bothered about it nor do I have time to patronize such shallowness in some jou

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