SSS 3 student leads robbery gang

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SSS 3 student leads robbery gang

An SSS 3 student of Falomo High School, Ikoyi, Lagos arrested for armed robbery has claimed he was fighting against unequal distribution of wealth.

An SSS 3 student of Falomo High School, Ikoyi, Lagos arrested for armed
robbery has claimed he was fighting against unequal distribution of
wealth. Nineteen year-old Victor Joseph said he decided to form a
robbery gang because he discovered that the nation’s wealth was
concentrated in few hands. Unlike the legendary Robin Hood, however,
Joseph would rather use the wealth for himself.

He told our correspondent that he was tired of lack and his inability
to feed. He said that seeing people who were not as hard working as his
parents cruising around in flashy cars and living in expensive mansions
almost made him crazy.

According to him, his anger boiled over when he discovered that he
could not pay the fees for his final examination last year. Joseph, who
claimed he was brilliant enough to pass his school certificate
examination at one sitting, said, “It was a sobering moment. I saw my
fellow students writing WAEC and I could not. My eyes opened and I knew
I had to do something. Although my school accepted me back to repeat
SSS 3, I knew that history would repeat itself if I didn’t do

For Joseph, a resident of Jakande Estate, Lekki, Lagos, the way to “do
something” was to go into armed robbery. He said he resolved to be a
student by day and a robber at night. “But we don’t rob poor people. I
decided the only way to know a poor or a rich man was to look at his
vehicle. So I wanted to rob owners of expensive vehicles and use the
proceeds for business so that I could pay my school fees and help those
around me. If I steal from the rich, they will not notice it,” he said.

Indeed, the police in Lagos State said they were conducting an
investigation into the activities of the four-man gang led by Joseph
whose members include Chidi Ekma, Ahmed Ibrahim and Jamiu Lawal.
According to the Lagos State Commissioner of police, Marvel Akpoyibo,
the police wanted to know if they were behind the theft and robbery of
some expensive vehicles in the state.

But Joseph said he had told the investigating police officer that the
police would only be wasting their time in doing so.

“The robbery that20led to our arrest was the first one. Do they think it
is that easy to raise a robbery gang and convince them to rob? This job
was our first,” he said.

He said that his team was made up of some of his childhood friends.
“For example, Chidi is my elder brother’s friend. He is a barber and
knows many people who could buy cars on the Island. Ahmed is a good
mechanic who knows his way around cars, and Jamiu can drive anything
that moves.”

Surrounded by competent aides, the team struck on the second day of the
year. The Jeep that eventually landed them in trouble was parked at
Mayegun, not far from where they lived in Jakande Estate. It was a
Toyota Highlander with registration number Lagos FD 429 EKY. Ahmed was
able to disable the security of the vehicle and Ahmed, Joseph and Jamiu
drove it away.

The duo of Joseph and Ahmed disembarked on the way to contact Chidi who
had been placed on the alert to find a buyer. Jamiu drove the vehicle
to Owode in Ogun State.

According to Jamiu, the gang felt that it might be too hot in Lagos.
“But in Owode, nobody would look for it. I was to leave it somewhere
and after we got a buyer, I would go and bring it,” he said.

Chidi, who insisted that he was not a member of the gang, soon got a
buyer in Obalende, Lagos. “The man agreed to give us N600,000. Although
they knew that the jeep was worth millions of naira, they wanted it off their hands. And that was what they could get at short notice. That was
what I did to help them find buyer. I am not a robber,” he said.
The gang found N200, 000 and four mobile telephones in the jeep. The
sum and the phones were given to Joseph as the leader.

Unknown to the gang, policemen in Lagos State had been put on red alert
to checkmate the gang. Akpoyipo, who was still basking in the euphoria
of the

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